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Check out some images and videos of Egypt taken during the visit in 2006.

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Move not your tongue concerning the Quran so that you learn it hastely.
It is for Us to collect it and the reciting thereof.
So when We recite it, follow the reciting accordingly.
Then on Us is the explaining of it clearly. (Q.75:16-19)

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Quran Reciters website has been setup to provide all the audio and video recitations of Shaykh Mustafa ismael, Shaykh Muhammad Rifat and Shaykh Muhammad Salamah (this list will increase with time, inshallah). With the grace of Allah Almighty, we also hope to provide all the video recitations of Shaykh Dr Ahmad Nuina and any other excellent audio, video recitations of other great Quran Reciters. We pray to Allah Almighty and His beloved Prophet that they accept this humble deed and make it a source of Good in this world and in the Hereafter. Aameen.

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